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Northridge, CA


About Me


handmade in los angeles

Hello I'm Emily Tibor and thank you for visiting my collection! All of my accessories are made by hand using bold patterns and clean lines drawing inspiration from Mid Century Modern style and vintage textures and patterns. Many of my materials come from right here in California. I try to support small local businesses like myself and US manufacturing whenever possible.

As an artist and painter what inspires me most is working with color. I find the way colors work together evoking mood and emotion fascinating, and I never get tired of trying new combinations. Whether working with unique upholstery patterns or hand dying fabrics and scarves, I find working in textiles is the perfect way to blend my artist's sensibilities with my life long love of fashion and design. I am always finding new materials to be inspired by. I love to find exciting fabrics, leathers, and hardware elements to use in my next handbag.

I strive to bring to life styles that are original and fun and also have a feeling of vintage sophistication. I hope they compliment your own unique style, whether it's retro or modern. I always love to hear what you think so please feel free to send me a message.

Get out there and be Fabulous!