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Finding my Inner Hippie




Finding my Inner Hippie

Emily Mackley

Last year I came across this thing called Shibori and fell head over heels. Trends have been shifting toward the organic for some time now and it is no surprise that this ancient art has made it’s way into the fashion mainstream lately. When I thought of tie dye, it used to conjure images of those garish t-shirts we made in high school full of blotchy circles in clashing colors. Of course in Japanese it is something altogether different: Elegant, measured, and beautiful. The fabric is folded, tied, sewn and clamped to form the most amazing patterns. Traditionally the fabrics are dyed in Indigo, but the technique works just as well with a variety of dyes.

Once I tried it I couldn’t stop. I’m having about the most fun I’ve had since art school, mixing dyes and creating one of a kind fabrics. There is something so exciting about unwrapping or untying a piece of cloth and revealing the spectacular pattern that has emerged.

I’ll be adding hand dyed silk scarves to the catalogue this Spring as well as a line of totes and pouches dyed with Indigo. Each piece is it’s own unique work of art!