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Branching Out

Emily Mackley


Recharge: check. Refocus: double-check. All this recent attention to flowers has led me to, well, not making any more flowers. At least for the short term anyway! That doesn't mean I am myself any less enamored of the little beauties adorning a smart and simple handbag, it means that there are just some other directions I can't resist exploring.

Recently I came up with a shoulder bag design that I fell in love with and I thought it might be great, plain and simple as-is, so I showed a random few friends a sneak peak and asked what they preferred: flower or no flower? What most said was indeed: no flower! So last week's trip to the fabric store had me thinking about bold and big geometrics and a mid century color palate. I needed to make the new shoulder bag stand out with color and texture alone and what I came up with was... velvet. Yes, velvet in the most scrumptious of teals. It's amazing. I can't wait to show you, and while I was at it I found some prints that scream (at least to me) airline upholstery circa 1962. What better way to use them than for travel cosmetics bags? It's all on the way just in time for the Holidays!