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What's Next




What's Next

Emily Mackley

Whew! I'm finally pausing to catch my breath. The last couple months have been a whirlwind of cutting, sewing, styling and photographing. With the shop open and handbags selling at last I'm considering how to spend the next few weeks. Looking back on the process I notice that I have many different kinds of days. I wear most of the hats around here so I alternate between seamstress, designer, office manager, you name it! One of my favorite jobs is making flowers. I actually love the process of cutting out the different colored petals and carefully arranging them into their various incarnations. I can spend a whole day just making flowers, it's almost meditative, and when they're finished it's like a little garden drying on my work table!

Another of my favorite purse making pastimes is, of course, shopping. There is no better way to get excited about what to design next than a trip to the fabric store, I could spend hours! Each time I leave with tons of new ideas (and a pile of samples)! So today I left the garden at home and chose the fabric store for a recharge and refocus session...